Take a look at how we are using our sound and interactive technology for projects and games.

Unity + Pure Data

We love open source projects. Our contribution: extending Pure Data (libpd) support to Unity on OSX and mobile. Yes, procedural audio awesomeness native in Unity 3D!

There's lots left to do and we are giving the project all the time we can spare.

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tb_peakcomp~ is a compressor external for Pure Data/libpd meant for mobile devices. Controlling procedural audio and music on a mobile device can be nightmarish. tb_peakcomp~ will keep your master bus in check.

It is open source and completely free (MIT licenced), so use it for whatever you want! Let us know if have ideas for features.

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Circle Synth

Circle Synth is a grid-less sequencer synthesiser, now available as an open source project. It’s designed to create quirky one bar musical loops and includes a variety of presets and assignable FX (per note/ node). Initially written to test Processing and libpd libraries on Android, we found it fun enough to be worth releasing.

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Stupid Creatures

The world is invaded by aliens. Again. Except, these are completely stupid and useless and our technology has progressed enough to only hear them. Interestingly, a fraction of them have turned evil and are destroying the stupid ones. You belong to H.A.T.E (Humans Against Terminal Extinction) and you must save as many of the stupid ones as you can and destroy the evil ones.

Stupid Creatures is a game that works with our indoor mapping algorithm, realtime sound synthesis and binaural processing to create a game that saves aliens from ultimate extinction.

We had over a hundred people play the game recently at the Edinburgh Science Festival/Mini Maker Faire. Video coming soon.

No, its not available for download. But, you never know.

Meltdown: Indoors

The problem with Scotland is the unpredictable weather. We developed Meltdown, based on GPS information, but could never really play it because it was either too cold or raining! Instead of influencing the weather, we developed an indoor mapping algorithm that works just off smartphone sensor data and no other hardware - free from GPS and network connectivity.

Meltdown: Outdoors

Meltdown is a location based binaural sound game. Developed as a prototype concept, it uses GPS and sensor information off a smartphone to create an augmented game environment through real time sound synthesis and binaural (3D sound) processing. The game involves hunting and killing unseen creeptures from another dimension - just with sound and gestures.

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