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Hyper-realistic audio technology for total immersion.

3Dception is a spatial audio platform for developing fast, efficient and scalable virtual and augmented reality experiences.

We do the maths so you can focus on being awesome.

3Dception for Cinematic VR

3Dception Spatial Workstation is an end-to-end pipeline including authoring tools and rendering technology for producing spatial audio content for 360 videos and cinematic VR.

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3Dception for Games

3Dception for games includes a suite of real-time 3D binaural audio and environmental modelling plugins for game engines and game audio middleware including Unity, Wwise and FMOD.

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3D Audio

Hear sounds with full elevation and front-back effects, up to resolution of a single degree with support for a range of input formats: mono, stereo, surround or ambisonics. Audio is no longer inside your head but out there in the environment, where it belongs.

2 min

time to setup & upgrade

12 x

more efficient

Efficient & Scalable

Up to 12 times more efficient than competing products with a fraction of memory requirements, 3Dception is designed ground-up using proprietary techniques and optimised for superior performance — from low powered mobile devices to next-gen gaming rigs.

Defining Workflows

New mediums demand new ways of working with audio. Upgrade to Awesome in 2 minutes flat with re-imagined workflows that combine the power of interactive audio with the precision of linear post-production.

Environmental Modelling

Tweak the boundaries of reality with geometry based spatialised reflections, intelligent sound propagation algorithms and parameters such as air absorption and speed of sound.


Design once, deliver everywhere with stable cross-platform APIs for desktops, mobile and the web.

We've worked with thousands of developers, designers and audio experts to develop amazing technology with a superior cross-platform workflow. Tried, tested and constantly evolving to power great content.

3Dception For Cinematic VR 3Dception For Games